Talk: 250 years of commemoration and remembrance in Kew by Marian Mollett

Date(s) - Monday 14 October 2024
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Duke Street Church

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Join us for an enlightening exploration of Kew’s rich history of public remembrance.  While public remembrance is often associated with the world wars of the 20th century, Kew boasts a wide variety of memorials spanning over 250 years, commemorating not only the world wars but also other conflicts and acts of terror.

This talk will delve into the evolution of memorials in Kew, illustrating the shift from the glorification of war in the 18th century to the meticulous recording of the names of victims (and survivors) of war in the 20th century. We’ll explore how the concept of “memory” has evolved over time, from grand monuments to personal tributes, and the role these memorials play in shaping our understanding of the past and honouring those who have sacrificed their lives. 


Marian Mollett has always lived in Kew. She now realises it was perhaps odd to be buying First World War shell fuses as a child from Ian Sheridan’s shop by the station. Familiar with Kew’s memorials in open sight, and encouraged by our late Chairman and President, David Blomfield, she has written and spoken about them. During the course of that research, she became aware of more discreet forms of commemoration for Kew’s dead and survivors of the war.