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Petersham: radar and operational research 1940-1946 

by J M Lee

50 pages, Second edition, published 2024.

ISBN 978-1-912314-04-1

£8.00 (£5.00 for members) Our prices for buying online via PayPal include postage and packing.

Petersham was transformed during the Battle of Britain in September 1940, when Anti-Aircraft Command requisitioned the village hall and institute, the vicarage, All Saints Church and Elm Lodge, and then set up radar transmitters on the golf course.

Some of the most important experiments that led to discoveries that made British radar such an effective instrument of war were carried out in Petersham vicarage.

Michael Lee, an emeritus professor of the University of Bristol and a former editor of our journal, Richmond History, tells the story.

  • This second edition, edited by Robert Smith and Simon Fowler, includes a new, additional appendix by Timothy M M Baker on Petersham as a birthplace of radio astronomy.

Petersham: Radar and operational research 1940-1946

Richmond at War 1939-1945

RWW2 front coverRichmond at War 1939-1945 by Simon Fowler tells the story of life in the town during the Second World War. A series of raids saw the deaths of 98 civilians and damage to ten thousand buildings. The book also looks at some of the hush-hush activities in Richmond Park. There are stories of heroism, tragedy and good humour based on the memories of the men, women and children who were there.

 102 pages. Published 2015.  ISBN 978-0-9550717-8-2

£7.00 (£5.00 for members) Our prices for buying online via PayPal include postage and packing.

Richmond at War 1939-1945

Shop Boy Books RLHS 22 feb 2015 023Richmond Shop Boy’s War

by John Leach

18 pages. Published 1995. ISBN 0-9522099-1-8

£2.00. Our prices for buying online via PayPal include postage and packing.

John Leach: Richmond Shop Boy’s War

Ham and Petersham in Wartime

Ham and Petersham in Wartime by Len Chave and J M Lee is now out of print. We plan to reissue it in 2025.

Kew at War 1939-1945

Kew at War 1939-1945 by David Blomfield and Christopher May seeks to capture the flavour of life in Kew during the war, using wherever possible the recollections of those who lived here at the time.

This book is now out of print. Copies are still available at local bookshops, including The National Archives’ shop.  A new edition is in preparation, for publication in summer 2024.