Richmond’s Links with North America

Links-Books-2-C-RLHS-22-feb-008This 40-page booklet, by our founding chairman John Cloake, tells some of the stories about important personalities who lived in Richmond or Petersham and had connections with North America.

They include:

  • William Byrd, who founded Richmond, Virginia
  • Captain George Vancouver, who retired to Petersham where he is buried in the parish churchyard
  • Col Henry Washington, a relative of the United States’ first President and an officer in the Royalist Army during England’s civil war
  • Elihu Yale, who lived on Richmond Green, and whose philanthropy led to a leading American university to be named after him
  • Thomas Pownall, Governor of Massachusetts, who lived in Richmond throughout the 1770s and 1780s, and founded a professorship of law at Harvard
  • Lady Juliana Penn, daughter-in-law of Pennsylvania founder William Penn and a resident of Petersham in the 1780s

In Richmond’s Links with North America John Cloake also writes about the founding of the Richmond Hill and Kew Gardens areas of New York City.

1989. 40 pages. ISBN  0 9508 198 4 0

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Richmond’s Links with North America