Richmond Park

There are several articles on Richmond Park in the Society’s annual journal Richmond History. Those published up to and including 2018 are listed in the journal’s index, which can be viewed online or downloaded from the website.

One of these articles, by the late John Cloake, on “Sheen Chase” and “King Henry VIII’s Mound”: “Two incorrect myths concerning Richmond Park, was published in 2014 in Richmond History 35, which is now out of print. We have now reproduced this article in digital format. Read John Cloake’s article.

It is sometimes suggested that the “deer leap” or “freebord“, the strip of land immediately outside Richmond Park’s wall, was designed so that if a deer managed to escape its hunters and get beyond the deer leap, it was then free from capture. That’s unlikely, says Richmond Park historian Dr Robert Wood, in an article, specially written for this website, about the freebord’s history. Read Robert Wood’s article.