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The Museum of Richmond’s 30th anniversary: a new exhibition, and two talks

Rebecca Arnott

On Monday 10 December, curator Rebecca Arnott will be talking to our Society about the history of the Museum of Richmond, which first opened 30 years ago.

And on Tuesday 27 November, former Museum of Richmond chair and a member of the original Museum steering group, Valerie Boyes, will speak at an event, organised by the Museum, on how the idea for a museum for Richmond first surfaced in 1843 and become a reality 145 years later. She will tell the fascinating story of how the Museum was founded.

Alyson Barr

The Museum’s 30th anniversary exhibition opened on 20 October and continues until February. Taking the theme 30 years, 30 people, 30 objects and memories, it illustrates the history of the Museum through 30 people who have contributed to its development and who have selected objects from the Museum’s collection to help tell its story. Our society is well represented, with contributions from our President, Paul Velluet, and three committee members –  Robert Smith, Simon Fowler and Alyson Barr.

 In 2019 we have three joint talks with other societies, including an event at Richmond Theatre

See our calendar of forthcoming events and our list of forthcoming talks

Next year’s talks include:

The New Inn, Ham

 UPDATED Reports of previous talks

Our website now includes reports of some of our previous talks. The most recent additions, by RLHS member John Foley, are on this year’s talks by Val Bott, Bob Shoemaker and Jack Andrews  Find out more 

NEW The Victorian burial plot – from graveyard to garden

Coffin plaque

Holloway gravestone, rediscovered in August 2018

In a new posting on our Resources pages, Peter Flower, archivist at the Vineyard Church in Richmond, tells us of recent discoveries in the Victorian burial plot, which is now a garden. Find out more

Our new-look journal, and an updated free index

Richmond History 39, the 2018 issue of our annual journal, has a new design and features a painting by Ron Berryman, a Society member, on the front cover. Copies are available from The Open Book in King Street, Richmond, the Museum of Richmond, The National Archives’ bookshop, Kew BookshopLloyds of Kew Bookshop and our online bookshop.

Our free index to our annual journal Richmond History now includes all issues up to and including no. 39 (2018). You can view the index or download it as a PDF.

Oh deer, another Richmond Park myth…

It is sometimes suggested that the “deer leap” or “freebord“, the strip of land immediately outside Richmond Park’s wall, was designed so that if a deer managed to escape its hunters and get beyond the deer leap, it was then free from capture. That’s unlikely, says Richmond Park historian Robert Wood, in an article about the freebord’s history. Find out more and see a timeline on Richmond Park

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