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“The Tradesman’s Entrance to Richmond Palace”

Museum_of_Richmond_logoThe Museum of Richmond is looking for help in researching the houses and people who lived in Old Palace Lane. The street runs up from the Thames past Asgill House and the White Swan pub, along what was once the wall of Richmond Palace to the Green. Once known as Crane Piece, the Lane was originally for supplies from the River Thames to the Palace. A row of Georgian workers’ cottages sits alongside larger Regency and Victorian family houses, making a unique and attractive townscape.

The research will inform the Museum’s 2017 spring and summer exhibition, which is being supported by the Old Palace Lane’s residents. The story of the Lane, which begins in the medieval period, mirrors the development of Richmond over the centuries, and the exhibition will illustrate, in microcosm, the growth of the town since its early beginnings. There are also plans for explanatory boards and an audio tour that passers-by can listen to on their smartphones. The Richmond Local History Society plans to produce a booklet to accompany the exhibition and there will be a talk at the Society’s May 2017 meeting.

But an awful lot of work has to be done before then. The first step is to research the people who lived in the Lane, from laundresses to duchesses. And little is know about many of the buildings. Can you assist with the research? Or do you have any memories of the Lane and the people who lived there, or photographs or objects?

If you can help please contact Simon Fowler – tel: 020 8940 6884; email: